Antiprotons in a Penning Trap:

A New Measurement of the Inertial Mass

Harvard Ph.D. Thesis of Robert Lee Tjoelker (Defended 26 September 1990)

Thesis Advisor: Professor Gerald Gabrielse


Title, Abstract, Acknowledgements, Contents, Figure List

  1. Introduction
  2. Particle Motions in a Penning Trap
  3. The Antiproton Trap
  4. Cryogenic Antiprotons
  5. Resistive Detection and Damping
  6. Electrons in the Cylindrical Trap
  7. Protons
  8. Indirect Antiproton Observations: Electron Damping
  9. Direct Antiproton Observations: Electronic Damping
  10. Systematic Effects
  11. The Antiproton, Proton, and Electron Mass Comparison
  12. Conclusions