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Our new measurement of the electron magnetic moment, and the much more accurate value of the fine structure constant that we deduced from it, were the subject of many secondary reports (some examples are listed below). The result was that the American Institute of Physics selected our measurement as their physics story of the year.

AIP Physics Story of the Year

AIP Physics Update

"A More Precise Fine Structure Constant"
Daniel Kleppner
Science 313, 448 (2006)

"A Finer Constant"
Andrzej Czarnecki
Nature 442, 516 (2006)

"Gyromagnetic Ratio of a Lone Trapped Electron is Measured to Better than a Part Per Trillion"
Bertram Schwarzschild
Physics Today (August 2006) p. 15

"In Search of 'Alpha'"
Mason Inman
New Scientist 2568 (9 Sept. 2006), 40

"Atomic Force Weaker Than Thought"
Sara Goudarzi
LiveScience -

"Refining the Fine-Structure Constant"
Belle Dume
PhysicsWeb, 1 August 2006

"Electromagnetic Constant a Bit Smaller Than Thought"
Sara Goudarzi, 17 August 2006

"For Quantum Theory, A Jump"
Joyce Y. Zhang
Harvard Crimson, 11 September 2006


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